Joshua Bell and Bruch “Scottish Fantasy” 现场版约书亚·贝尔和《苏格兰幻想曲》

Joshua Bell.

Photo by Chris Lee When I first time watched the move The Red Violin 9 years ago, I noticed the OST and looked for the performer. In the result, I found Joshua Bell, who was the rising star at that time and grasped all my notice. He captured the public’s attention like no other classical violinist at his time, at least in America. I like his elegant name and his popular style – whatever his skill is, he is the wonderful star made by American culture.

The expression was proved in yesterday’s concert, which is also the first concert I listened in San Diego. The concert hall was beautiful – the sound effect wasn’t as good as our 中山音乐堂, but was better than 帝都大戏院 at least. The style was old-fashioned; the audience were quiet and elegantly dressed; there was no buzz of mobile phones at all. Then there was my favorite: Max Bruch’s Scottish Fantasy.

I always think the music is in one of those which are not like traditional symphonies mostly; it’s more like a serenade, or a music epic; the melody is even a little too imaginative to keep the classic composing way. That’s what I like – between classcial and modern, national and international, legend and epic.

Joshua Bell wasn’t so good as I imagined though he was saluted by most of the audience standing up. American people were always so easy to excite, even some of the details of his performance were not so perfect. Some intonations were not perfect, some notes were even ambiguous, which could be understood because the skill requirement of this work was high but was still disappointing. However the beloved work compensated the shortage, I was listening from beginning to the end earnestly.

NuviMehtaSunest2 (1) In the intermission Joshua signed for audience but I had no interest. In the second half a dashing gentleman appeared to introduce the Serenade of Tchaikovsky, who I found later was called “Gary Copper” in classical music industry – his tone and words were so fasinating even in an introduction only. His words brought audience to a beautiful dream instead of plain education like what BJ concert hall does. I couldn’t help looking for his profile and found out the guy, nuvi mehta is also the voice of our local classical radio channel. The average level of the orchestra is qualified as a symphony orchestra of 2nd level city; I’m looking forward more of their performance.